After The Flag | 2020 #AlcanizGP
800 Grand Prix wins for Honda
MotoGP last lap | 2020 #AragonGP
After The Flag | 2020 #AragonGP
It's time for the 2020 #AragonGP!
After The Flag | 2020 #FrenchGP
After The Flag: 2020 #CatalanGP
Samphaa7 4 jam yang lalu
If 2019 and 2020 seasons combined, Marc still top by 42 points, nobody wants this championship
Evette Fernandes
Evette Fernandes 4 jam yang lalu
LFK D4V3 4 jam yang lalu
Very Nice Morbideli
Rizqi Aziizi
Rizqi Aziizi 4 jam yang lalu
Rins is has more power on the last 3 gp. But he is the most far points to leader
Saiful Saiful
Saiful Saiful 5 jam yang lalu
Petronas la rojas world champions⛽🏎️🏍️
Mazs Rosi
Mazs Rosi 5 jam yang lalu
Who watch this video in 2020?
TUBE8 INC8 5 jam yang lalu
Vale the best
Fairuz Shah
Fairuz Shah 5 jam yang lalu
fuck u razlan
Umar Affaq Khan
Umar Affaq Khan 5 jam yang lalu
AnazsFX 7
AnazsFX 7 5 jam yang lalu
Congrat.. u are a great rider.. tq morbadelli.. we proud of u🇲🇾.. goodluck for the next race 🏁
Food Park ksd
Food Park ksd 5 jam yang lalu
I am franso morbdeli fans
Oktaf Priyatno
Oktaf Priyatno 6 jam yang lalu
Stronk Komrade
Stronk Komrade 6 jam yang lalu
Why don't many manufacturer uses the tank grip pad?
Juventini Sejati
Juventini Sejati 6 jam yang lalu
I miss Bridgestone tire..
Felipe 7 jam yang lalu
22 riders 11 Spaniards. It is not motogp, it is the CEV/CAMPEONATO ESPAÑOL DE VELOCIDAD since Dorna & Espeleta seems to force the teams to hire only Spaniards.
Marc Antoni
Marc Antoni 7 jam yang lalu
Another fantastic podium for italian/brazilian on moto GP !!!
fikrirama 7 jam yang lalu
this championship is challange no 93
Marc Antoni
Marc Antoni 7 jam yang lalu
Amazing race for Italian/brazilian on this race. Another fantastic race for Suzuki !!
Mohamedshereef Ph
Mohamedshereef Ph 7 jam yang lalu
Time Pass k s
Time Pass k s 7 jam yang lalu
I love you all 💗💞💕💘💕💘💕💗💖👌
Time Pass k s
Time Pass k s 7 jam yang lalu
I need boyfriend 😭💞💋💕💗💕💗💖💋💞💕👌
Motor Bike
Motor Bike 8 jam yang lalu 👆👆👆👆👆
Sigit Waskito
Sigit Waskito 8 jam yang lalu
I hope, Suzuki world champion this year. 🙏
Batara Lintang
Batara Lintang 8 jam yang lalu
Dovi good
Rishi Tomar
Rishi Tomar 8 jam yang lalu
Fully torqued for Rins
Master Hape
Master Hape 8 jam yang lalu
Yamaha jaman ini kencang sekali
Marc Antoni
Marc Antoni 8 jam yang lalu
Fantastic victory to Italian/brazilian, masterclass day!
Neji Hyuga
Neji Hyuga 8 jam yang lalu
JL99 was better at ducati, it was a bad move to be at honda, if only Ducati was patient at JL99, his second year at Ducati was a good performance
Irakson Silva
Irakson Silva 8 jam yang lalu
Yamaha domina GP 😜😜😜😎
Mirza Vlog
Mirza Vlog 9 jam yang lalu
Rossi ❤️
Brian Nield
Brian Nield 9 jam yang lalu
This is the man who, when fully recovered, will go on to be the greatest rider ever. The speed with which he recovered, the beautiful way he manages his races and his will to win is remarkable to say the least. He is a joy to watch. I await his return to racing and hope he will return fully fit and unimpaired.
Mason Pearce
Mason Pearce 9 jam yang lalu
MotoGP:1 season without Marquez Marquez fans:some of them don't watch anymore some still watch but doesn't know who to cheer and some still watch to see his brother Alex
Max Damage
Max Damage 9 jam yang lalu
The new WWE SHOW
Ernande Silva
Ernande Silva 9 jam yang lalu
спорт спорт
спорт спорт 10 jam yang lalu
спорт спорт
спорт спорт 10 jam yang lalu
спорт спорт
спорт спорт 10 jam yang lalu
Edward Jones
Edward Jones 10 jam yang lalu
Vinales trash. Rossi better than this
Dani Bas
Dani Bas 10 jam yang lalu
Jauma masia hoki
Daz Ronch
Daz Ronch 10 jam yang lalu
Never forget Nicky Hayden
spunk fire
spunk fire 10 jam yang lalu
The only thing good about 2020 motogp+2+3.